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The world of work could be so much better and everyone knows it. Let's lead better.

pLink's Leadership Community is for positive leaders who want to level up their leadership. We’re bringing together leaders who are navigating big change, bigger roles, and have a desire to drive their own development in a supportive community of peers. Join this online community and ...

  • Transform your leadership
  • Scale your impact
  • Get better at seeing around the corners
  • Realize your ambitions
  • Avoid mistakes as a leader
  • Never feel isolated again

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What you get when you join pLink+

As part of the pLink+ community, you gain access to pLink Leadership luminaries and curated content while benefitting from high-quality interactions with like-minded peers. Specifically, this looks like …

  • Ten Monthly Road Trip Leadership Courses Led by pLink Coaches
  • pLink Live! Virtual Events with pLink Leadership Coaches
  • Self-guided Asynchronous Development Courses
  • Members-Only On-Demand Curated Collection of Resources
  • Curated Podcast Playlists
  • Member Pricing on Public Offering Programs
  • Member Pricing on Live In-person Events
  • #ThinkpLink Coach-Moderated Chat Threads
  • Priority Access to pLink Leadership Offerings
  • Authentic Networking Opportunities
  • Positive Connection to Other Leaders
  • Access from Anywhere (Smart Phone, Web, Tablet)
  • And More!

A community is the single best way to navigate rapid change and prepare yourself for a bigger role. It gives you real-time access to what other leaders are doing and trying, how they are solving issues, and what opportunities they are seeing. Add our experienced executive coaches to the mix, and you’ve got a serious power team in your corner.

Until now, pLink Leadership’s been a resource for organizations that value leadership development and invest in their employees. We love that work, and there are other leaders we have wanted to reach, like former coaching clients and pLink program participants who have navigated to new companies or started their own business; founders; entrepreneurs; motivated people in smaller companies; people who have a desire to drive their own development and just need access and solid content. We wanted to build something for them. For you.

So we dreamed up pLink+, our Leadership Community.

Today, fueled by our core values of future-mindedness, curiosity, perspective, courage, and love, we want to know – and we want you to know – what the evidence says to try, what the common patterns of mistakes are, and what we’ve seen actually work, because common knowledge is not the same thing as common practice.

Our team is obsessed with accelerating positive change in the world, and we are fusing the sciences of human nature with the discipline of leadership to transform the world of work.

Get in the driver’s seat today!